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We would like to provide you with all the tools that you need to use and integrated with AgileTask. If you have an API usage example that you found handy or would like a write up on how to use some feature, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

API Docs

You will need your API key to make all calls. If you have a Standard account you can find your API key here, http://agiletask.me/account/edit. We are using the four HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE) to send in and pull data. Browsers usually only support GET, and POST so to make calls for things like updating tasks, you will need to include an _method parm. All this entails is adding a “&_method=put” to the URL in your calls.

Integation Examples

Here are a couple small integration examples that we coded up for our own use and put up on GitHub to share. If you have a little open source app or script that you would like us to link to here, just let us know at rlund@agiletask.me.

Use Twilio and this PHP script to send in a task to AgileTask from your phone.
Chrome extension to add a page to your Icebox to read later.
AgileTask Console App
A simple python app to add tasks via the nix console.
Python library that interacts with the AgileTask API.
Written by AgileTask user necrolyte2 - https://agiletask.me/user/necrolyte2.
Rhomobile Framework app that harnesses AgileTask functionality and API.
Written by AgileTask user sean.cleveland - https://agiletask.me/user/sean.cleveland.
Email Importer
Python app to pull tasks from an email into Agile Task.
Written by AgileTask user necrolyte2 - https://agiletask.me/user/necrolyte2.